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3 Ways To Get Fit In Boston

Boston, Massachusetts has a population of nearly 700,000 people, all sharing one commonality: being healthy. Whether you're a Boston native, just moved to Boston, or are visiting for the weekend, here are 5 ways to get fit in Boston:


1. Invest in a pair of running shoes or a bicycle

One of the best things about Boston is how beautiful the city is. You'll notice that many people choose to run or bike throughout the city as a way to get fit or to travel throughout the city. With beautiful scenery such as the Charles River, it's no wonder people choose to run or bike throughout the city as a way to get fit.

2. Join a gym

Boston has a number of great gyms that are available to join, depending on what you're looking for and how far you're looking to travel. Ranging from Equinox, Planet Fitness, GymIt, Crossfit, and Boston Sports Club, there are plenty of options and ways to get fit in Boston.

3. Join an outdoor fitness class

During the great summer months, joining an outdoor fitness class may be the way to go. Enjoy the great Boston weather, meet others, and get in your daily exercise with an outdoor fitness class. The Finest Bootcamp is an outdoor fitness boot camp that runs in Boston that is open to join. Get fit before or after work and meet some other Boston residents.

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Written by Chris Harrington

Chris is the founder of The Finest Fitness. He is a 23 year old entrepreneur, athlete, and personal trainer residing in Boston, MA. He has worked with over 150 clients as a fitness coach at a local health club, trained his own clientele, and continues to learn and grow in his own training. He has been featured on's 'Teen Transformation of the Week', and has ranked in the top 9 percentile for the Spartan Race. He currently runs private personal training in Boston, and manages clients through The Finest Fitness.

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