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Losing weight is not easy. If it were, everyone would be fit. Gyms would run out of business. No one would bother to jog in the morning or evening. Bikes would be used purely for location. But as it is, all these weight lose mediums are always in demand. But just which option is ideal? You guessed it right. Cycling it is. But why?

Burns Calories

Being a cardiovascular exercise which increases the heart rate, cycling will burn calories. This depends on your weight, the higher the weight the more calories are burned. Burning calories equals to losing weight.

Offers All Round Fitness To The Entire Body

From its nature of activity, cycling offers overall muscle toning to the body. This comes along with increased strength and endurance to the key body muscles. Cycling for a long period of time tones up the thighs, the waist, the abdominals and the back will get stronger and firmer. Working out depending on the choice of exercise, will in some instances tone particular part of the body. Say the upper or lower part and leave out the rest, cycling is all inclusive.

Suitable For All

It does not come with restrictions on gender or age. Cycling accommodates all, especially those looking for a cheap and low intensity solution to lose weight. Pedal power takes the weight of the body hence takes up the pressure that is normally put on the joints the during high impact sports. For instance, running exerts impact to the feet, ankles and knees which increases the risk of injury (the risk increases with weight). In addition to that, bikes come in a variety of designs and size. You can choose from mountain bikes, road racing bikes, touring bikes and hybrid bikes. Just walk into a store and pick one that suits your needs, or better yet ask the dealer to prescribe which one suits your needs.

A Way To Improve Your Health

It is possible for one to ride for a longer period of time without the leg muscles being too tired to
pedal on. Being able to maintain an exercise schedule for a long time gives the heart and lungs a
concrete workout. This forms a vital basis for improved cardiovascular fitness level. When the
heart and lungs are stronger, then transport of oxygen throughout the body is efficient. This
translates into reduced risks of heart diseases and respiratory complications.

Pollution Free and Cheap

This is from the obvious fact that bicycles do not emit dangerous fumes which contaminate the environment. The fumes are a threat to the health of the entire population and the surroundings as a whole. Bikes are available in the market in a wide variety and you can easily find one that fits into your budget. With under $500 you are sure to get a bike from reputable dealers, you can even find mountain bike under 300 dollars. You don’t need to fuel your bike in order to use it neither do you need to pay for a driving license. You only need take it for repairs once in a while and make sure that it is in good shape.

No Specialized Training Required

Riding a bike will certainly not call for specialized training such as is required for other complicated sports. It is in fact possible to learn by yourself. Even when training is required, it is not long term which ends up being costly. You may only need a trainer to help you increase your intensity and speed.

A Highly Social Sport

Riding can be fun especially with friends. Choose who to ride with and it could help you ride far and wide. You are burning more calories and having fun at the same time! It is an adventurous activity as well since you get to see new sights while out there cycling your way to your ideal weight. Due to its sociable advantage, cycling can be addictive, again a greater benefit, as you can now maintain a long term work out method. Other exercises may end up being too intense, hence giving up sets in thus getting back to square one.


Did you know that you don’t have to set aside time for working out if you take up cycling? This will work so well especially for those who have a really busy work schedule. You can ride to and from work! Off course only if it a reasonable distance. If not, then you can choose to ride during the weekend when running errands or visiting family or friends.


Cycling is the ultimate solution in your journey to losing weight. However, you cannot afford to miss out on the basic rules of nutrition, recovery and rest. Don’t overfeed and don’t starve yourself either! Proper nutrition is not about the amount you eat but proper moderation. Allow the body enough time to recover and rest. Remember to keep safe by riding at safe locations, preferably the cycle paths. Choose smooth paths to give your bike long life. Start gently and don’t over stress your body. With the above in check, you are set to ride strong.

David Bender

Written by David Bender

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