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How Can I Get Fit In Boston?

Whether you're a native, traveling, or just moved here, you may be asking yourself: How can I get fit in Boston?


There's plenty of places to go and exercises to do that are convenient and fun. You may have to get creative, but we're going to give you 5 exercises and 5 places to go to exercise in Boston to get you started.


5 Exercises to get fit in Boston:

  • Push-ups

There's an old acronym that's called KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid! No need to re-invent the wheel, here. Push-ups are a great exercise that can help to build your shoulders and chest. If you can't perform a push-up, try a variation of them by starting on your knees.


  • Burpees

A little more advanced of an exercise, the burpee combines strength and endurance in one exercise. These are done by doing a push up, springing your feet and hands together, and jumping straight into the air. You then spring back into a plank position, perform another push up, and repeat. Although a more advanced movement, any beginner can start with these and build up to more repetitions over time.

  • Sprints

Again, keeping it basic, there are lots of great sprint exercises you can perform and integrate into your normal workouts to add some intensity to your exercise routine. Try sprinting from point A to point B and back in-between other exercises, or simply add a few sets of sprints by themselves!

  • Sit-ups

Another basic exercise that is often neglected. Sit-ups are important because they help you to build a strong core which will improve your posture and help to protect your spine. Think of your abdomen as a mask of tape that protects your spine. The stronger your core, the more layers of tape to protect the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold your spine in a safe place.

  • Mountain Climbers

Another great exercise to kick up the intensity - mountain climbers can be done by themselves, or added in-between an exercise to really push the intensity.


Try a combination of these 5 exercises with different numbers of sets, reps, and more.


5 Places to go to get fit in Boston: 

  • The park

There are 217 city parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields in Boston. With that said, any of these locations can be a great place to get in a workout.

  • At home

With the exercises listed above, they don't require a lot of space. Most can be done indoors, or even in your backyard. Set up your own exercise station that doesn't require a lot of space and start getting fit!

  • At a gym

There are a number of gyms that you can join in Boston, based on your location and preference. There's the standard chain gyms such as planet fitness and workout world, or specific gyms in Boston that you can join.


  • Open Field

Similar to the park, you can find any open field in your neighborhood or in the city to exercise. You don't need any equipment to get started, just find an open space and start your workout!


  • Boot Camp Class

There are several indoor and outdoor boot camp classes you can join which will incorporate exercises like the ones we mentioned above into a workout routine for you. Get involved in a boot camp to join some locals in your neighborhood for a morning or evening workout. One indoor boot camp is Barry's Boot Camp, located in South Boston. The Finest Bootcamp is an up and coming outdoor bootcamp launching in Cambridge, MA and surrounding areas. We're also including a free 1 week pass for when we launch.


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Written by Chris Harrington

Chris is the founder of The Finest Fitness. He is a 23 year old entrepreneur, athlete, and personal trainer residing in Boston, MA. He has worked with over 150 clients as a fitness coach at a local health club, trained his own clientele, and continues to learn and grow in his own training. He has been featured on's 'Teen Transformation of the Week', and has ranked in the top 9 percentile for the Spartan Race. He currently runs private personal training in Boston, and manages clients through The Finest Fitness.

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