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Boston Fitness Bloggers

Boston Fitness Bloggers

Boston, MA is home to some popular fitness bloggers who are looking to keep you up to date on the latest with fitness in Boston. We've outlined 3 of our favorites below.

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1. SarahFit

Sarah is a Boston, MA native and spends her work week blogging full time for her fitness blog. Her videos have a collective total of over 120M views, in which she describes her goal as "to enable your passion for healthy living."

"I help young women learn how to eat clean and get fit so they can feel confident about the way they look without depriving themselves of a social life." Sarah describes.

Sarah has been featured on Best of Boston, Boston Magazine,  

She is constantly adding new exciting youtube videos, and she runs SFITGYM, a virtual personal training gym. You can follow her blog here.


2. FunFitFlavor

Sherri D'Alessandro moved to Boston after graduating college in 2005 and is the voice behind FunFitFlavor. She is both a field marketing director for a retail development firm, and a fitness blogger. She is Nutritious Life certified and AFAA Group Exercise and Personal Training certified.and enjoys the fact that she gets to talk to people about achieving a healthy lifestyle. You can follow her blog here.


3. Healthy-Chicks

Healthy Chicks is run by Rachel, a freelance writer and health coach residing in Boston, MA. Her blog revolves around showing women how to "nourish their mind, body, and soul so they can ditch dieting and start living a life full of bliss". Her blog doesn't just revolve around getting physically fit, but mentally fit as well. Her posts are about having a positive frame of mind, and enjoying life to the fullest. She also runs some giveaways once and a while, too. You can access her blog here.

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Written by Chris Harrington

Chris is the founder of The Finest Fitness. He is a 23 year old entrepreneur, athlete, and personal trainer residing in Boston, MA. He has worked with over 150 clients as a fitness coach at a local health club, trained his own clientele, and continues to learn and grow in his own training. He has been featured on's 'Teen Transformation of the Week', and has ranked in the top 9 percentile for the Spartan Race. He currently runs private personal training in Boston, and manages clients through The Finest Fitness.

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